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Summer Breeze Fashion Show
               6/29 @ 6pm

Marvelous Kids Epilepsy Research Inc. has partnered with K'Lei Jayne one of Savannah's hottest fashion designers to put on one of the most fun and exciting shows Savannah has yet to have coming into the Summer. Come out and enjoy yourself and watch these amazing kids rip the runway!!! 


Learn about Malachi & how Marvelous Kids is bringing research to your communities!


Stay tuned by subscribing for upcoming events!


Stay tuned by subscribing for upcoming projects!

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Interested in helping fight Epilepsy with Malachi?

Our Story

In October of 2015, while standing in the kitchen at home, Malachi lost control of his body then became unresponsive and had to be rushed to the hospital. Although he is 10 years old, and has endured this disorder for some time, it affects his daily activities;

 such as playing with friends, his memory, being able to attend school regularly, among many others.

Marvelous Kids Foundation was created to bring awareness to children like Malachi battling his condition.

With community support we can give our children a fighting chance!

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Our Mission

We focus on making the maximum positive effort for our community.

Our members and volunteers provide the momentum that helps us create change.

Using Education, we provide tools and information that make a long-lasting difference while spreading the word about epilepsy.

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"I can speak highly of the Marvelous Kids Foundation. This foundation is a family led & community based. They help children come together & understand what Epilepsy is all about."

Gina R.

"From its beginning, Marvelous Kids Foundation has been working diligently to raise awareness & funds to provide resources to families of children suffering with Epilepsy."

Marie G.

"MKF is a great foundation for the community because they inform the community about how to handle episodes & what to do when situations occur. They let you know that you are not alone & can still live a normal life."
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